Your workplace is like a rainforest ecosystem

Some modern companies are starting to create rainforests in the workplace by building ecosystems that support collaboration and knowledge sharing. But what’s with all the environmental buzzwords?

“All of our software platforms work together to create a sustainable ecosystem that delivers an excellent customer experience.”

Hold on! No – ecosystems have nothing to do with rainforests in your workplace. Let’s have a look at this corporate buzzword and what it means in different contexts.


  • Corporate ecosystem – a collection of companies and organisations that are interdependent to form a complete solution or industry, for example a Marketing Ecosystem, Customer Service Ecosystem, etc.
  • Workplace ecosystem – how the people in a workplace or office work together, rely on each other and adapt their skillsets to help the business be successful and deliver real value to their customers.
  • Technology ecosystem – where different software or technology systems work together and complement each other using automation and integration, for example a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system may connect with a Customer Survey Platform, a Despatching System and Accounting Software through Application Programming Interfaces (API).

Does your manager or colleague overuse this corporate buzzword when trying to explain how things work in your business?