Get yourself some of that sweet low-hanging fruit

Have you ever heard people around your office say “there’s some low-hanging fruit we need to take care of”? What’s does that actually mean, there’s a fruit tree in the office?

“Kelly, there’s some low-hanging fruit we need taking care of in the sales queue.”

Despite what this sounds like, low-hanging fruit isn’t actually about fruit – but it is about prioritisation.

You see, when you consider a fruit tree, it is usually the low-hanging fruit that is the quickest and easiest to grab – this saying comes from farmers who can quickly and easily grab the lowest fruits first, before setting up equipment to reach the fruit at the top of the tree.


noun informal

  • the most easily achieved of a set of tasks, measures, goals, etc


  1. “Kelly, there’s some low-hanging fruit we need to take care of”
  2. “If you fix the low-hanging fruit first, then we can free up some resources to work on the Big Hairy Audacious Goals next month”

Have you heard this saying around your office – does it irritate you when you hear people use this, or are you a culprit of using this lingo?